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DesktopWeb FormText   is ink on the web coolWed, 25 Aug 2004 01:26:31 GMT # 

a couple days ago, Chris blew off the /tabletWeb article. to a point ... i agree. it will definitely take a significant amout of time for ink on the web to be adopted, and IE needs some updates to better support it: embedded WinForms controls need to load faster, be easier to debug, be able to interact with the page (each other?), and be able to render alternate HTML text while controls are loading and if the controls do not load at all, etc. even though it seems that i've had a meager # of people interact with the ink-enabled pages (maybe it will increase after SP2 gets pushed out more?), i'm sort of compelled to write another ink-in-IE article. but i need a little more ... so when is the next DoesYourCodeThinkInInk contest? nothing like a possible bribe to push me over the edge :)

so the real problem is i have way too many ideas to code them all. want to do MLS, but cant get it to install. a significantly different ink-in-IE article might be cool, but i just did one and is still TBD if people actually ink on it. too soon to do CF or WS again. maybe something entirely different ...