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DesktopWeb FormText   HATE EarthLinkTue, 31 Aug 2004 20:51:59 GMT # 

disconnected (again) around 5 PM yesterday. EarthLink (ISP) sent TimeWarner (cable provider) another disconnect request yesterday ... for no reason. i can call EL and tell them to reactivate it, and they do immediately ... but it takes up to 72 hrs for EL and TW to synch. how is it that my internet providers dont have the ability to synch instantly? are they using FedEx or what? this really does not give me much faith in them. should be a secure web service call (while i'm on the phone with them) and then everybody is happy. this is what happened this time ...

casey: [calls EarthLink, wait time is 30 minutes]
casey: [hangs up and calls TW] did EL disconnect me again?
TW: yes
casey : [calls EL, waits 30 minutes] why did you disconnect me?
EL: whoops! our fault. its fixed. that will take 72 hours to resynch
casey: you call that fixed? call TW to get it connected now
EL: ok. i'll call right now [casey hangs up]
[next morning ... still not connected. calls EL]
casey: call TW and get me connected now
EL rep: i cant
casey: let me talk to your manager
EL man: i'm the manager
casey: call TW and get it connected now
EL man: let me put you on hold [15 minutes later]
EL man: ok, i called them and i'll have to re-submit this
casey: is it going to be connected immediately?
EL man: it could take up to 72 hours
casey: then what the hell were you doing when you called TW?
EL man: i'll submit this now, then you can call TW
casey: [waits a little and calls TW] EL called, please connect me
TW: please disconnect your modem and turn off your computer
casey: WTF! did you even listen to me?
TW: we have to go through this 1st
casey: [goes through network for monkeys process ... does not fix it]
TW: please hold one second [transfers call to EL]
EL: welcome to EarthLink
casey: WTF! [hangs up and calls TW back] EL called, please connect me
TW: this is messed up, they sent another disconnect command today
casey: WTF!
TW: let me call them now to get this fixed [on hold 20 minutes]
TW: just spoke to EL. they are sending the reconnect now.
it will take an hour. i will call you back in an hour.
casey: Thank you [2 hours pass. casey calls TW]
TW: we have to call EL again [30 minutes on hold]
[casey has to leave, TS takes over]
[hour later, TS gets the internet fixed again]
(total disconnect time - 23 hours)