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DesktopWeb FormText   Microsoft Corp. versus brains-N-brawn LLCTue, 07 Sep 2004 02:23:50 GMT # 

err, umm ... i sort of got in trouble. was asked (by an MS representative) to pull the /tabletDic article today. since i'm friends with that person ... i did. the problem was that the article gave away a majority of the words in the Tablet PC Dictionary. this lexicon is protected by MS. the key points being 'MS legal' and 'reverse engineering EULA' ... just like Paycheck with Ben Affleck; minus me getting paid, having my memory erased, and Uma Thurman :(

supposedly somebody will review the article and determine if / what i can re-post from the article. should know something later this week

anybody else ever get in trouble for something they have coded? similar things like this have happened a handful of times to me now. i've gotten cease-and-desist letters, hate phone calls, hate emails, DMCA warnings, and shut down by ISPs. my domain name is still blocked by some proxy servers. no death threats ... yet :)