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DesktopWeb FormText   passed 70-340Tue, 07 Sep 2004 19:39:19 GMT # 

test was only 30 questions in 1.5 hours ... i was expecting more questions. about 10 more questions would have been right. my score was an 828 (700 to pass). that might be my lowest score out of all the tests. appropriately enough, i think this was the hardest exam out of them all, because there are so many interdependencies of security. e.g. CAS doesnt even take place if the app is running with Full Trust. what is the authentication type in both IIS and the web.config. the user can just bypass your app and go directly to the file system. etc. the questions on the other tests were specific, and you could just concentate on that one part, ignoring everything else ... while this one you had to take into account many more factors at once. luckily, this test had one of the best study guides. read the book in 2 days, took the practice tests the next day, and the actual test the day after. i learned more studying for this one than any of the others and recommend this book even if you are not going to certify. knew there was alot of security built into .NET, but when you get it all at once, it is almost overwhelming. this book even had a couple lessons that were not explicitly on the exam objectives ... and at least one of those topics was on my exam. the CD practice test was better than previous MsPress offerings too. it had more non-multiple choice questions, as well as 300 total questions to practice with. i think the previous MsPress sample tests only had 100 questions. overall ... this was my best exam experience. even though i think my score sucked, i think i got the most out of this exam. the other tests were basically proving what i already knew ... so i didnt get much out of them. that said, i'm still going to run as Administrator, following the practice of what i call 'computing darwinism'. meaning if i'm stupid enough to destroy my computer ... then i should not be operating one