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DesktopWeb FormText   sitting on 6 gmail invitesThu, 09 Sep 2004 00:46:53 GMT # 

'gmail invites' got your attention ... didnt it? too bad, because i'm not giving them away. they are going to sit and rot. first, i jumped on an email invite from a friend. now i feel somewhat obligated to be nice to that person because they were nice enough to give me a gmail invite. well, i dont want to give away invites and trouble you with that same burden. the scenario is:

inviter: i'm so cool
casey: no you are not
inviter: HEY! you ingrate, i got you gmail
casey: doh! you win. you are cool

the reversal is if i give you an invite, then i expect you to praise me endlessly. second, i dont want to be googles drug dealer. i expect that people push invites on their friends and families first. gmail is definitely questionable when it comes to privacy issues; so i'm not going to be signing up everybody i know. e.g. i would sell gmail to complete strangers, but not my sister. this also involves having to choose favorites ...

sister: thanks for the gmail invite
casey: you are welcome
mom: how come i did not get a gmail invite
casey: i ran out
mom: you ingrate. blah 9 months blah ...

third, i've got other things to do than deal with complete strangers. they've got the #1 search engine on the web, why do they need me to spend my time doing their advertising. dole them out periodically from their home page and help even out the digital divide. also, the people that actually use google will be getting gmail invites, instead of me sending them to people that search with msn / yahoo / icerocket. admittedly, i dont know any of those people ... that was just theory.

finally, if you saw the title of this message and blindly sent me an email begging for an invite, then i will post your email address on my blog for the email spiders to harvest and pummel you with ads for sex and drugs.