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DesktopWeb FormText   solution to RSS scaling problemSun, 12 Sep 2004 03:09:33 GMT # 

Dare posts: The RSS Sky is Falling...Again. just so happens that i have a solution to the bandwidth problem. all people have to do is voice their opinions to become controversial. start blogging about religion, politics, and sex (in that order) ... that will get people to unsubscribe and save you bandwidth.

actually, i have no clue how many people read my blog (because i have not written that functionality, nor am i compelled to). even when i read somebody else's blog that shows they read mine ... i'm hardly ever listed in their blogroll. possibly too controversial? here is a funny stat though ... the number of times that i've used the word 'sex' in my blog per month:

Jan - 0
Feb - 12
Mar - 11
Apr - 6
May - 5
Jun - 4
Jul - 1
Aug - 0
Sep - 3 (as of now, including this post)

NOTE the gradual decline has not been intentional