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the job market still sucks (if not getting worse), so i've had alot of time to read. here is what i've kicked back lately:

Expert Systems and Fuzzy Systems - think it was a thesis turned into a book. it did not really go into detail about Expert Systems or Fuzzy Systems, but talked about how to use them in a complementary manner. wasn't too much of a waste of time.
GIS: A Visual Approach - reads like a long powerpoint presentation (split text and graphics). quick read to keep refresh the jargon and concepts in my mind.
Bots, Spiders, and Intelligent Agents in C++ - bought this years ago and am just now getting around to read it. reinforced the concepts that i had taught myself by building my own spider in C#, but did not introduce anything i didnt figure out on my own. should have read it when i bought it, then it would have saved me some time.
Catalog of Tomorrow - great near-term technologies book. covered many different topics with the proper amound of depth. got kind of gloom and doom towards the end about the environment. would read one of these again in a couple years.
Knowledge Web - mistankingly thought this was going to be about knowledge webs. instead it was a history of technology that tied a bunch of seemingly unrelated events together. figured out this was a waste of time about 1/3 through and stopped.
Artificial Worlds - intro book about Artificial Life. dont remember anything bad about this book, but some of the ones below are better.
After Thought - another book on Artificial Life. this one was good, but I think I liked another one below even better.
Thinking Between the Lines - another thesis turned into a book. about feeding a computer a bunch of dictionary terms and definitions, and then getting it to be able to answer questions from that knowledge base. went too much into linguistics for my tastes right now. might have to pick this one up again later because it definitely has some worthwhile info.
Implementing Security for .NET (70-340) - this was for MCSD .NET. probably the best exam study guide i read. i recommend it even if you are not going to take the exam.
Artificial Life - my favorite book on Artificial Life. this one had a great progression from experiment to experiment. will probably have to skim this one again to reinforce the major ideas of A-Life, as well as to spark some of my own ideas.
Introducing Genetics - short book with alot of worthless graphics. useful for a quick overview of genetics.
Introducing Mind and Brain - short book with alot of worthless graphics. decent overview of the brains. let me find out that i probably dont need to read anymore books about the brain to help me with AI.
Programming DirectShow - was the 1st book about programming DirectShow. mostly C++ but had one chapter for .NET. i'll probably end up doing some DirectShow stuff in the future and will revisit this book.
Construcing Intelligent Agents using Java - 1st part of the book is about the concepts, and the 2nd part is specific applications. wished it would have been more about AI and less about agents.

Nano - just started a book about nanotechnology. seems like the author is very positive about the technology, so i will like the book
Genetic Engineering - just started this book too (yes, i typically read a couple books at the same time). this author is very negative about the technology ... so i probably will not like it. it is good to know both sides of the story though