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DesktopWeb FormText   internet game psycheThu, 16 Sep 2004 04:16:32 GMT # 

not a game player ... but for some strange reason i fired up the Internet Games that come with XP. Checkers, Reversi ... and such. the human behavior that really caught my attention is that i was never able to finish a game ... unless i lost. if i was winning or there was a momentum shift in my favor, then my opponents would just quit the game. very few times was i able to make it all the way through the game to fully win, instead of winning by the opponent resigning. but if i was losing, intentionally of course :), then my opponent would typically play the game to the end!

the results above were at the default 'beginner' level. if i went up to the 'intermediate' level, the opponents were better sports and i could actually win some games. the funny thing is that if they lost, then they would always go find a new opponent; but if they won, then some of them would stick around to try and beat me again. i did not try the 'expert' level because i did not want to lose :(