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DesktopWeb FormText   pattern recognitionSat, 18 Sep 2004 04:11:30 GMT # 

started reading about image processing yesterday, in relation to pattern recognition. today i revisited the /barCode article to try and apply some of those techniques. the code is now a little more elegant, but the main benefit is it more robust. the problem is that i still dont have enough 'soft computing' techniques in the code to handle lower quality images. the real problem is that i have not internalized the techniques yet. i'm building up a skill set of AI techniques, image processing, etc... but i have not solved enough problems with these tools to know when to apply what technique where. e.g. would fuzzy logic or a neural network work better in this situation? e.g. what type of neural network would make sense here? a specific example is that one of the image filters i applied to the barcode just made things worse. probably going to have to backtrack to some simpler problems before moving on. the good news is that i'm finding this extremely challenging ... and having a blast!