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DesktopWeb FormText   Dieselboy & GrooveRiderSat, 18 Sep 2004 16:02:36 GMT # 

you've been HAACKED posted a link to Ishkur's Guide To Electronic Music v2.5. now i cant stop playing with it.

started out with rap music, but then had to stop when i actually listened to the words; because i did not promote any of that. so i opted for music that mostly lacked words. been listening to electronic music for 15 years now. yes, when starting out, it all sounded like the same song. it took me a little bit before i could recognize when one song started and another began. granted i will never be able to differentiate the different types of electronica to this level of granularity of genres.

its funny that the site even shows my main progression: Jungle Tab - Rave - OldSkool - Jungle - Drum N Bass. also branch down from OldSkool to DarkCore - HardStep - TechStep - Darkstep. did not even know the last set were genres, had always just considered them more agressive Drum N Bass.

the sad part is that my musical tastes have not changed for the last 5 years, so i am still listening to mostly music from the late 90s. you know how your parents listened to oldies stations ... i'm already there