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DesktopWeb FormText   dont tell me not to post politicsSun, 19 Sep 2004 01:46:08 GMT # 

to turn things around. here is Kirk telling us not to post politics on our blogs. actually, i find it more offensive for somebody to tell me what not to do. i find political posts easier to ignore.

so since he is asking for it ... my political views are ... undecided. i thought the DNC was lame, and thought the RNC was even more lame. it's just the same BS from both groups ... and there is so much freakin lying (and spin) going on that it just makes me sick. i dont like that Kerry cant seem to stick with his decisions, and i dont like that Bush is all about fear. instead of picking who is going to do the best job, i feel like it is coming down to which one do i dislike the least. aside ... i think Mark Cuban would make a kick ass president