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DesktopWeb FormText   neural network beginningsWed, 22 Sep 2004 02:20:14 GMT # 

out of the push to learn AI ... neural networks (NN) are the most interesting to me right now. there are a couple .NET implementations available so i dont really plan on writing one from scratch. on the other hand, i did port some basic NN C code over to C# to play with. within the field of NN, there are many different types. today i experimented to see that a Perceptron can learn OR but cannot do XOR. believe this was the 'cause' that 'effect'ively beat the connectivist AI approach down when it was getting out of the starting gate. also saw that a trained Adaline network does not handle noise in the input well. these are the building blocks to the BPNs which seems to be the dominant flavor of NN. also considering Hopfield and Self-Organizing networks as well