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Kurt (who is a bad ass BTW) just posted Patent Absurdity. he has specific examples of patents that MS has applied for in New Zealand. in one aspect ... i agree. software patents are mostly BS (i mean that with the utmost respect). but i dont really consider MS the bad guy on this one. 1) IBM is the bad guy. they have more freakin patents than anybody. there are online patent databases you can search which are flooded by IBM. i actually had a cool idea once, and every related patented was already owned by guess who ... 'International Business Machines'. 2) IBM has been doing this for a long time now, and MS has just recently gone on a patent frenzy (by rewarding its employees with black cubes they can stack into pyramid forms). if i recall correctly from a past article, MS wants 3K patents this year (up from 2K last year); but i think IBM already had OVER 3.5K patents LAST year. 3) MS has to get these patents to protect their own ass. e.g. EOLAS. regardless, i consider it to be a modern day nuclear arm race, and at some point we'll be like 'these things could really blow everything the f#%* up', and then we'll come to our senses and start dismantling them (unstacking the black cubes) ... as well as trying to keep them out of the hands of terrorists. e.g. SCO.