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DesktopWeb FormText   another recruiter annoyanceFri, 24 Sep 2004 22:10:58 GMT # 

when they search the job sites and spam everybody that fits their keyword search. i.e.

1) when they dont check the timeline. e.g. they ping me for 'java' ... which i have not done for 4 years.
2) when they dont check context. e.g. i get contacts for java 'webMethods', when my resume has the word 'WebMethods' as in ASP.NET.
3) when they dont keep a list of whom they have already contacted. e.g. i get an email saying 'hello, found your resume on', and then 15 minutes later 'hello, found your resume on'.

this just reinforces in my mind that coding is a commodity. there is really no reason for me to keep making myself a better developer, because of the disconnect that exists between me and potentional customers ... that disconnect being recruiters. you've got a high tech company on one end, then you've got technical workers on the other ... and smack in the middle, somebody that does not know technology. usually 2 of them. 1 that faces the client and one that faces the consultant. that is like me asking my mom to go search for information on neural networks that is going to help me out. chalk another one up for the stupid category