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voracious reader here. e.g. my bill was just over $3000 for books last year. there is probably another $1000 on top of that for books bought in-store (i need to get a sponsor). so i'm perfectly fine shelling out $40-$50 for a programming book. but the problem is, alot of AI books (on Amazon) are in the $75-$125 range! ... and that is putting me through sticker shock. i really do not see myself shelling out that kind of dough for a book, especially with some of the top rated books being around 10 years old. luckily, the older and more popular books can be found on ebay and such for about half price. also been raiding the collections at Half Price Books. been able to find a number of the classics by visiting the local stores. these books seem to have a low turnover rate ... so you can pick them up cheap. been meaning to, but i have not scouted out the local off-campus used book stores as well. also been buying the 'AI for Game Programming' books from Amazon. they seem to have the right mix of theory, mathematics, and application that a programmer can easily understand. you just have to read it and replace the terminology with application developer terms. e.g. 'troop path algorithm' is 'business rule optimization' and 'non player character' is 'intelligent agent'