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DesktopWeb FormText   old manSun, 03 Oct 2004 15:15:00 GMT # 

now that i'm older and wiser ... words of wisdom: people live too long. i'm already starting to fall apart. my eyes are going and my hands crack periodically. once i cannot code productively anymore, you might as well just take me out back and put me down. that would have the benefit of making more room in the environment for something else to evolve that was better suited. there are some genetic algorithms that use this sort of logic in their code. they implant every member with a 'cyanide pill' that goes off after so long to ensure that the algorithm can keep optimizing.

i'm under the impression that the medical industry keeps us alive as long as possible, to acquire more money from us. especially when considering costs of pharmaceutical drugs and medical insurance. the older you get, the conditions you have just get worse and cost more. instead of cancer and diabetes, i'm for reverting back to heart attacks. quick and unexpectedly ... that is the way to go.

reflecting like this ... because i'm nearing the dreaded 30. which brings me back to living too long. now that we live so long, a 'mid-life crisis' does not cut it anymore. we should really be allowed to have a couple of them. i'm talking 'one-third' and 'two-thirds life crisis' respectively.