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DesktopWeb FormText   search stuff i likeSun, 03 Oct 2004 17:09:50 GMT # 

1) thumbnails. icerocket wasn't the 1st, but i like how they dispaly thumbnails of webpages. it helps for weeding out crap but it is even better at helping me remember which link takes me where
2) site info. both icerocket and A9 have site info from it is not crucial for search but it sure is interesting to look at
3) history. how A9 keeps my past searches, because i frequently search for the same things over and over again. i really used to love how copernic did this, but just got sick of having to re-install the fat client when i was traveling so much
4) multi search (need a better word?). really like how A9 will return image results at the same time as web results
5) fat fingers. how google will fix misspelled words. this is particulary useful on Tablet PCs because my handwriting is so piss poor. now i just write like crap and google fixes it
6) local. the google local service kicks ass
7) clusters. how the new clusty engine groups results into relevant topics. some of my clusties are

Tablet PC
Web Services

hell ... that is exactly how i've been positioning myself! in 3 to 6 months, hopefully AI will be a clusty as well

now i want a single search site to give me all of this. actually, give me the option for all of this search functionality, and then let me personalize it to how i see fit