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DesktopWeb FormText   i do not work for microsoftFri, 08 Oct 2004 23:41:19 GMT # 

let me repeat : i do not work for microsoft. have not been around THAT long, but have been doing .NET for almost 4 years. before that i did Java. when i did Java, nobody ever made the assumption that i worked for Sun. but since i have been working with .NET, i have been downright accused of working for MS an inordinate number of times. is it just me ... or does anybody else get this too?

maybe the people are just mocking me? its their way of asking, why are you evangelizing MS technologies for free? the answer is, i'm really evangelizing myself. any MS promotional material is purely accidental. i just happen to be using .NET because it is the best tool there is right now. i used Java when it was the best thing. when a greater power than .NET comes around, then i will promptly donate my collection of .NET books to the nearest library, and start the next one. if you want a quotable line, '.NET isnt love'