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DesktopWeb FormText   computer forensics bookSat, 09 Oct 2004 00:18:06 GMT # 

this is a recent book put out by 'charles river media'. i've just recently been buying books from this publisher, and mostly like them so far. they seem to get the right author for the job, and they offer topics that you dont see elsewhere. which brings us back to computer forensics. bought this book hoping that it would be mostly technical, so i could recreate my favorite scenes in CSI: Criminal Special Investigations (thats a lie, i dont watch TV; but i think i saw that name on a TV guide?). instead this book was mostly about processes and checklists. it was thorough but also seemed to repeat itself frequently. also very wordy, weighing in around 600 pages ... so i just skimmed it after a while. the main sections that stood out in my mind pertain to data backup and recovery, information warfare (abbreviated IW if you are cool), and analyzing machines for evidence. its probably a good book ... just not the right book for me