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even though my opinion does not count ... you will listen (insert jedi persuasive hand movement here). 1st off, my political party is the anarchist party. meaning i dont have a political party ... because anarchists cannot form groups (see the definition of anarchy). atheists aren't allowed to swarm together for the same reasons. back on topic ... when the debate 1st started, and they shook hands, i think kerry patted bush on the back to check to see if he was wired. bush did much better this time, so i considered it a tie based on how they performed. based on judging them as individuals, kerry definitely wins. bush was jeckyll and hyde regarding international and domestic policies (dis)respectively. i forget if jekyll or hyde was the crazy one ... thus the (dis)? kerry was even throughout the debate. kerry showed his pure brainpower by being able to recall previous names and forming complete sentences with less interruptions. instead of a debate ... i'd like for the candidates to have to take some sort of standardized test. kerry also wins for promoting his website ... you got to like that. bush did mention the internets ... but i doubt that he knows about Internet2? finally, bring back lehrer as a moderator. gibson let bush push him around at least once ... i think lehrer would have been there with the buzzer