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DesktopWeb FormText   up for some airTue, 12 Oct 2004 01:14:42 GMT # 

i really hate failure. i am attempting what we will call 'Project X'. this is my 2nd attempt at Project X. wont tell you what Project X is, because if i cant get it to work this time; and then somebody else does, then you'll be like ... "hey, how was Person Y able to do Project X ... but casey couldn't. casey must be a loser." anyway, i really want it to work. been working on it 4 days and still dont have any results to show. had to read for 3 days before i could even start coding. spent all day today trying to figure out the last unknown. getting close, but still did not get it to work. if i can get past this hurdle, then it should only take another day to get the rest of the code put together. even then, Project X could still be a total failure. there is not really any way for me to check to see if is working until it is done. Project X is basically all-or-nothing

so if you dont see a new article within about a week ... then Project X has been postponed (for the 2nd time). at which point you are no longer free to mention Project X. if you bring it up then i will deny any and all knowledge of it. this blog will self destruct. BOOM!