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DesktopWeb FormText   edit and continue for C#Sat, 16 Oct 2004 10:57:05 GMT # 

where in the world did that come from? was there a demand for it? i'm not positive, but i think another feature that C# lacks and VB.NET gets is the 'My' quick dial thing. would rather get that instead. so if MS plans on forcing a bunch of VB.NET developers to do C#, and MS wants them to bitch less along the way ... then good job; otherwise ... yawn.

while we're on the subject of stuff i could care less about. Team System has a number of tools i'm never going to use. Class Diagram, Unit Testing, Source Control, Code Coverage, Profiling ... good. Modeling services and how they are connected and having it build projects for me with the web references ... WTF? Modeling the logical layout of those services and web apps and the zones they are in ... WTF? i dont want an MCSE using my tool. yes, the single IDE is a good thing ... but dont make it an IDE for everybody. the chances of me using those diagrams ... 0. how about Profiling and Unit Testing on mobile devices instead. or what about Use Cases and Sequence Diagrams. no, forget that ... when am i getting my Tablet-enabled version of Visio which is so intuitive it is like modeling UML on a napkin. the 'UML on a napkin' thing always cracks me up :)