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DesktopWeb FormText   AI culture 2Sat, 16 Oct 2004 11:08:19 GMT # 

(more observations from a coder in a researchers world)
1) where are the AI blogs? they pretty much do not exist. you can take 2 viewpoints here. the 1st is that they dont need them. news does not happen as quickly as it does in the .NET world. in the coder world we have room for endless incremental improvement. the AI world has alot more trial and error. it seems to be much harder to get incremental improvements, and there is alot of backtracking to try something entirely different applied to the same problem. 2nd is that they might need blogs even more. since things dont happen as quickly, its easy to forget about somebody elses work. the 'subscribe and forget' model as i call it would help to keep updated on somebodys work when they come up with the rarer revolutionary idea.
2) what in the world is postscript? actually, i do remember postscript from school ... but PDF has totally taken over. for AI, i had to install a PS viewer for the 1st time in about 3 years.
3) enough with the MATLAB. i've heard of it but never had to use it. just so happens that it comes up everywhere in the AI world.
4) bibliographies. remember how you used to have to do these? they are still all over AI research. haven't these people heard of hyperlinks?

seems odd to me that the internets initial purpose was to serve research papers ... yet many of these researchers dont seem to be using it in a manner much further than its meager beginnings. its basically FrontPage style pages wherever you go. no xml, xslt, flash, javascript, videos, rarely images. maybe they'll retool for the semantic web