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DesktopWeb FormText   movie weekendMon, 18 Oct 2004 18:10:45 GMT # 

had to kill some time, so saw 3 movies (from worst to best):
sky captain - this was the 1st movie to have its opening sales beat by a video game release (Fable). i can see why. it is a ridiculous title. when i saw the title ... the thought that came to my mind is that we must have run out of available movie titles, and that we would have to start reusing old ones. the only thing special about the movie was that it was filmed entirely with a blue screen. the worst part was that angela jolie wasnt a 'bad guy', and wore alot more than just an eyepatch
team america - my expectations were too high for this movie. yes, it was funny ... but not that funny. i was expecting 'south park movie' or 'something about mary' funny ... this was more along the lines of 'hot shots part deux'. i.e. i laughed more after the movie while remembering certain parts, than during it. and at no part was i like 'im going to hell for laughing at this'. wish that i would have waited for an unedited DVD version. as far as a political comedy ... 'the daily show with jon stewart' is better
friday night lights - i played texas football for 12 years ... and have been disappointed with all high school football movies to date. this one was pretty close to the truth. i read the book when i was just starting high school football, it was basically considered the bible, and a lot of my team read it too. texas football is big business. in my district, football tickets were the only athletic events that were not free to attend. we played at huge stadiums (15K people) with astro turf and almost every game sold out. occasionally we would get helicopter news coverage as well. made the varsity team early, and all of a sudden everybody knew my name. wearing your letter jacket around opened certain doors as well. yes, we really did have signs in our yards too. it really seemed like alot of pressure and at some point i stopped enjoying the game ... did not regain the love for it until playing non-scholarship college ball. anyway ... very well done movie. the only part i didnt like was the Chavez actor was too small. that was the character i emulated ... the student-athlete [aka brains-N-brawn] :)