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DesktopWeb FormText   mobile SOAWed, 20 Oct 2004 19:09:57 GMT # 

Alex Yakhnin posted SOA or where's WSE for mobile devices. you should read it; but the point is that everybody is pushing SOA, but we basically come up empty when it comes to SOA for devices. yes, i wrote the bits that will let you call WSE 2.0 from a device, but you would have to do alot more work to actually host a WSE Web Service on a device. granted you could tie the CF WSE bits together with the Mobile Web Server ... it certainly could be done, but wouldn't be trivial; nor would it perform. i was actually part of a team that did implement a CF Web Service Server (minus WSE) so know exactly what it would take

for my personal opinion ... there does not seem to be a rush. basically, i've only had 1 call for doing professional WSE work in CF (ever). the DIME bits are being used in a handful of places, but nobody is contacting me about WS-Security. even worse, nobody is contacting me about WSE work (period). you might think that writing the WSE bits for CF would make me an expert ... and that i would get contacts for doing WSE on a server? but it has not happened. when i do get contacts about WS work ... these people still think that SOAP, WSDL and UDDI are the advanced standards. they dont even say SOAP or WSDL as one word ... they pronounce each letter individually. from my perspective, WSE has to take off on the server side before it will take off on mobile devices. and in a non-dogfood-like manner, the MapPoint Web Service does not use WSE yet

so what hope is left? i see a couple forces. SOA will not take off until Indigo. VS 2005 is not going to do it because ASP.NET offers very few WS improvements (without Indigo). CFv2 also offers very few WS improvements. Always-connected Mobile devices will push the market too, along with Location Based Services to those devices. Also, the Devices Profile (UPnP 2.0 proposal) will force it to happen. Finally, competition. Michael Yuan posted months ago about Nokia's big plan to beat .Net CF in mobile Web services