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DesktopWeb FormText   WS-hellFri, 22 Oct 2004 15:31:15 GMT # 

i'm supposed to be doing AI and not WS ... but Clemens Vaster just brought up a problem i've come across too : Whenever you start thinking stuff is stable .... had a similar problem when writing the WSE pieces for CF. in my case though it was trying to get it to work with both WS-Routing for WSE1 and WS-Addressing for WSE2. the same thing came up when the WS-Security namespaces changed when moving from WSE2 Tech Preview to WSE2 Release.

he is calling for WSE 2.1 ... but i dont think that is going to cut it. we cant expect everybody to constantly update their WS-* implementations (and apps) every time a new spec comes out. instead the WSE implementations need to be backwards compatible. the SOA building blocks are supposed to be pluggable so you can take what you need and forget the rest. this doesnt just mean which spec ... it also means which version of a particular spec. otherwise ... namespace versioning hell