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DesktopWeb FormText   AI programming riskThu, 28 Oct 2004 21:48:34 GMT # 

depending on what type of application i'm programming, i am generally concerned with 1 main thing. when programming an app that works with a database, i'm thinking about how fast i can get the work over with and do something more interesting. when programming a mobile app, i'm constantly thinking about performance. web services make me think about if the XML will be interoperable. speech apps make me think about if the Voice UI is intuitive. ... and now AI. in general, when programming AI, about all i can think ... 'is this even going to work'? for the other types of applications, i'm confident i can get them to work, so i can worry about other things; but AI is a different beast. for most of the stuff i've attempted so far ... its basically a leap of faith. i mostly have to write the entire app before i can even begin to see if it might have a chance to work. i'm not entirely comfortable with that. its not like i can isolate the risky parts and tackle those 1st ... its more like the whole thing is one big risk