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DesktopWeb FormText   2nd pair of eyesSat, 30 Oct 2004 05:45:24 GMT # 

you ever get one of those bugs that you just cant see? where you know that if you could call somebody else over to your computer to take a look, that they would see it immediately and make you feel really stupid? well ... i've been fighting one of those for the last couple hours. it was actually kind of subtle ... but it was in a core part of my SOM library. and that is where the irony comes into play. SOMs learn through unsupervised training. so basically i had no clue if what it was learning was correct or not. had to dumb down the problem to something that i could see the pattern as well, to know that it was really broken; and not just learning from bad training data. regardless, it is now fixed! disregard my earlier post about the weblog SOM not working ... i need to give that another try now