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DesktopWeb FormText   tablet bashingsSat, 30 Oct 2004 15:41:27 GMT # 

the Tablet has taken some negative hits : here and here. Josh's is losing out to a notebook and a lack of ink applications. a) i think the notebook issue will go away as the price point between the 2 drops. then it will just be an option to upgrade notebooks to have ink as well. b) the lack of applications has 2 parts. b1) MS is mucking up by not making everyone of their apps add Tablet PC support. e.g. i consider WMP 10 not supporting ink a fumble. having ink support would be big. b2) MS just made it easier for people to develop apps for Tablets by releasing the Recognizer Pack. let me rephrase that ... it is already easy, this just makes it more accessible.

the other article points out that MS is trying to invent unnatural usage scenarios for the Tablet. in rebuttal, i will detail my unnatural usage scenarios. 1) meetings, conferences, user groups : the Tablet couldnt be more natural. it allows me to take notes comfortably and quickly. this is much preferred to typing away at a notebook sitting on my lap. 2) car : for long road trips, the Tablet comes along to keep the passengers entertained. 3) design : its free form nature comes in handy when i am trying to design a new app or brainstorm ideas for the next app. Ink is the ultimate tool for UML. 4) in bed : i actually keep my Tablet near the bed. the slate model is perfect for surfing. it has become my newspaper for catching up on current events. and it has killed TV viewing. 5) study : when trying to learn something new, i usually have to read numerous websites and PDFs. sitting at a desk and reading from a notebook for extended periods of time is unbearable. but i can handle it with a Tablet in a recliner. yes ... the Tablet is making me smarter.

i'll probably have to get a new notebook late next year. at that time, i hope to get a Tablet PC that is in the form factor of a large powerful notebook. one that i can use mostly like a notebook and as a Tablet every once in a while. the kicker is, that i want this Tablet PC to also be able to run as a Media Center Edition. and when my current slate Tablet dies, then i definitely see myself getting another slate too