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DesktopWeb FormText   code hogThu, 04 Nov 2004 16:49:57 GMT # 

been getting a number of emails asking for code lately. if you've read bNb PB (pre-blog) then you know i used to give away almost ALL of my code. this year AB (after-blog), i pretty much stopped that. the reason being follows ...

at the end of last year, i interviewed for a large contract that i really wanted. during the interview, i realized they could use some code that i had already written and shared. they were not aware of my code, but got really excited when i told them. anyway, they wanted to pay me a contract rate lower than a full time wage i had right out of school. i could not believe they were serious. about a month later, i started getting a number of questions from somebody using the code. they were real nice, but also very green. eventually i found out that they were working on the contract i had interviewed for. the bad news is this made me bitter and turned me into a code hog. the good news is the other person took months to finish the job i could have done in weeks. not to mention the sample code they sent me was of low quality. the moral of the story is 'you get what ...'

so at the start of this year i made a conscious decision to not give away code for at least a year (as an experiment). and that i would still write articles detailing what steps i took, so that others could recreate it with some effort. sort of 'teach a person how to fish' style. surprisingly, the people that have taken to this approach the quickest are graduate students. there is a handful of postgrad work that is being done using the articles as a starting point, and then taking them further (kind of cool). i certainly try to answer all the questions that they have. back to the issue. at the end of this year, i will reconsider giving away more source code