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this will expand my thoughts based on current reader feedback. going to kick these (and related) ideas around for a couple months before i commit. more feedback is welcome

1) 2nd discipline. i threw out the possibilities of bio / nano, patent law, and MBA. my thought is an MBA would be easy to obtain. the future paths there would be to a) start a company for outsourcing or b) develop a product. probably would not like myself if i became a conduit for outsourcing. in the long run i do not think it is the right path for the US, not to mention i prefer technical over business. as far as a product, i have yet to come up with an original product idea to pursue. on the other hand, it would actually be relatively easy to just target somebody else's product idea / business model, and then kick their ass technically. patent law isnt really an option, mainly since i despise patents and lawyers. the part that would be good about law is its probably the most difficult to offshore since legal problems are based on a location. the bad news is the US has more than enough lawyers. not to mention it would take a while to attain. nano would also be difficult to attain. the good news is that it is also technical so i would love it. the problem is that it ultimately requires interaction with physical materials which would be hard / expensive to acquire. would have to get my foot in somewhere to seriously do this. the other problem is that this field is based on knowledge as well ... so there is no reason that it wont be outsourced as well to a country with a lower cost of living.
now i did get ripped on (twice) for suggesting an online degree. in one hand i can see how people think online degrees have no merit. on the other hand i've got 1.5 masters degrees ... and they seem to be doing jack towards making employers want to hire me. right now i consider my college education $100K+ not well spent. nor do i hear anything about the degrees obtained from my competitors overseas? so if online degrees have no weight, i'm pretty sure that is equal to the weight that my physical MS degrees have (read zero). not to mention i would learn more teaching myself than actually wasting the time in class. its like if an employer wanted to send me to a week-long technical training class for $2500. i'd be like let me buy a couple hundred in books and just leave me alone for a week, and i'll learn more than anybody that went to the class. thats just the nature of how i learn.

2) 2nd language. all the languages i was considering came up : Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. i consider Chinese and Spanish the obvious choices. Arabic was a bit of a surprise, but Hindi NOT being suggested was a real surprise? Japanese is in the mix because of Robotics. Russian being suggested was a big surprise? being in the US, Spanish is the choice and is supposedly easy to learn. then i can watch the Spanish channel and figure out why they randomly have hot chicks dancing around, and what the dirty old men dressed in bumblebee outfits are saying. it is also supposed to be easier to learn a 3rd language after picking up a 2nd. internationally, Chinese is the choice based on current # of speakers and projected population.

your comments regarding this are greatly appreciated