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DesktopWeb FormText   book : Beginning .NET Game Programming in VB .NETMon, 08 Nov 2004 16:16:02 GMT # 

1st off ... why in the world did i read a VB.NET book? there is a possiblity i might work on a short VB project, so decided i had better look at it. could not make myself buy a stand-alone VB book, but throwing in game programming made it better. 2nd ... i dont intend to write a game (nor do i play games). reason being is that games have to look good, and i dont have any artistic ability. just bought the book to get an idea of how the stuff works and might possibly use 3D for visualization in other apps.

the book is basically a 2nd edition of another book. it starts out with GDI+, then DirectDraw, and finally Direct3D. it also works in some DirectInput and DirectPlay. most of the chapters involve developing a small game. this is where i think the book shined. it did a really good job of picking what the sample game should be to demonstrate the programming techniques being discussed. the book is relatively short compared to other game books, which i see as a plus. it stays on topic and avoids the fluff that other game books are prone to have. one complaint is that it starts out with some errors in the code listings, but i stopped noticing these after the 1st chapter. another complaint is that it tries to talk a little about AI. from actually trying to teach myself AI right now ... i did not consider what the book offered to really be AI at all. hopefully we will get an AI for .NET book sometime soon? finally, it has a short chapter about porting a GDI+ tetris style game to the Compact Framework