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DesktopWeb FormText   spanglishTue, 09 Nov 2004 04:30:59 GMT # 

i've committed to learning Spanish. AI will still remain my primary focus, and Spanish will be secondary. chose Spanish because it is the 3rd (almost 2nd?) most popular language and should be the easiest for me to learn. my assumption is that it will be easy because of its similarity to English, especially the alphabet. also, i will not be at a loss for study material. a quick trip to HalfPriceBooks turned up some interactive software for the desktop, a flash card vocabulary trainer for my Pocket PC, and an English-Spanish dictionary for the PPC. plus the obligatory 'Teach Yourself Spanish for Dummies' book. then i went to and got some audio programs to listen to in the car. my 1st goal is to be able to read some Spanish websites. 2nd goal is to watch and understand some Spanish TV. 3rd goal is to actually speak some Spanish. pic below is a poll from Channel 9