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DesktopWeb FormText   initial impression of spanishThu, 11 Nov 2004 04:44:20 GMT # 

like that the alphabet is basically the same as English. like that all words follow simple rules of pronunciation. granted it will be hard for me to break my old habits. really dont like that nouns have gender. who came up with that stupid idea? in French it wasn't so bad because both 'le' (M) and 'la' (F) started with 'L', so you could kind of mumble and ignore gender. 'el' and 'la' will be harder to fake. the rolling R is tough too. i can only manage it at the beginning or words, and do it way too exaggerated. and why do all languages have rules with exceptions to those rules? i'm sick of seeing "and that rule will work for all words ... except for the following ..."

been messing with language software too. the flashcard vocabulary programs on a Pocket PC are great. especially the ones with audio. not using it yet, but the mobile English-Spanish dictionaries should prove to be excellent as well. have been using interactive software on my Tablet PC too. at least the beginner apps have not required keyboard input, so tapping with a pen works fine. finished one beginner CD and progressed to the next. it is questionable as to whether it is beginner or intermediate. regardless ... i'm lost. finally, i'm judging audio programs as well. some of them are definitely not car friendly. trying to find a really basic one with good production quality and clarity for the car. the others that are of lower production quality or require more concentration will be better suited elsewhere