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could there be more soap operas on the spanish channels? i dont mind all the senioritas, but the overacting is killing me. haven't these people heard of reality TV? based on a comment to this article : How to Learn A Language, will probably try to watch some DVDs with a Spanish audio track instead. also be sure to read the comment directly below the DVD one ... the start of the 1st sentence can be taken entirely out of context :) the article reccommends Pimsleur audio courses. these are too expensive to get from, but i've listened to them elsewhere and they do sound excellent. for software i am trying 'Instant Immersion', which the article advises against. i'm on my 3rd CD now and it is actually kind of working. the 1st CD 'Talk Now' was easy and all i had to do was memorize vocabulary. the 2nd CD 'World Talk' is much MUCH harder. it is all Spanish (i.e. Immersion) and i basically only got through the exercises by listening for a few key words; but there was alot more happening i did not understand. this bothered me, but being able to hear the keywords is actually the point of the lesson. the 3rd CD seems to be mostly about pronounciation and the 4th is an interactive dictionary. also picked up the 'Learn Now' program, but have not tried it yet. i consider 'Rosetta Stone' to be too expensive and will try to find it cheaper. the Flashcard program for my PPC is 'Spanish Before You Know It', and i consider it excellent. it has a study mode, and then can quiz you based on Enlish-Spanish and Spanish-English. it also has audio to hear the Spanish words being pronounced. will have to try another from the article as well. have not looked at a Spanish Reader ... yet

didn't this blog used to be about technology? going to have to work harder on making the language studies secondary.