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DesktopWeb FormText   aftermarket car ideaSun, 14 Nov 2004 04:00:51 GMT # 

Bill reminded me about aftermarket car products. this is another one i want ... i have an older sports car. the problem i have is when an SUV or big truck pulls up right behind me at night. if they've got the newer lights (super bright with a blue tint), then it floods my cab with light and blinds me. so i want a deterrent. there should be a video camera facing out of my back window. if it determines that it is night and a vehicle has obnoxious lights, then i want it to do face recognition in the general vicinity of where the other driver should be. the best solution would involve some way to reflect the bright light from their vehicle off of my car and back into their eyes. maybe some special glass or paint with nano technology. or a mirror. then that would be directing their own annoyance factor against themselves. a simpler approach would be just to have a motorized spotlight in my car too. it would just adjust for parallax between it and the camera, and shine directly in their face to let them know i'm pissed. not sure if you would or wouldn't want this to work when a cop pulls you over?

NOTE that all my aftermarket car ideas involve loud radios or getting revenge on other drivers.