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really like the concept of Esperanto. had similar ideas for an engineered language as soon as i started looking at Spanish and seeing its oddities. just cannot see myself learning what seems to be a mostly unused language. the studies showing that it helps you pick up a 3rd language much faster is interesting; but i wonder how much that is based on Esperanto itself vs training yourself to learn 'how to learn' another language.

its been interesting to look at the foreign language materials available at HalfPriceBooks. its a decent measure to see the trends that people have pursued in the past. Spanish has the most materials by far ... as expected. after that ... French, Russian, German, and Japanese seem to be equally represented. French and German were expected because i believe those were the other foreign language electives that my high school provided (other than Spanish). the amount of Russian and Japanese materials was unexpected. finally, there were minimal materials for a number of other miscellaneous languages. what shocked me was the lack of materials for Chinese. Arabic and Hindi was mostly non-existent as well