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DesktopWeb FormText   assisted emigrationMon, 15 Nov 2004 23:19:05 GMT # 

remember when the US was the brain drain? now we've got less foreign students entering our universities for advanced degrees. actually, we've got less of our own students obtaining advanced degrees as well ...

as for role reversal, i've been contacted by 2 overseas companies about leaving the US to join them. one of those companies is small, the other large. one of the countries is small, the other large. i've met one of the persons before, the other is a stranger that knows my website. if you're wondering ... neither of these places speak Spanish.

another possible trend. i've had 2 (US based) contract calls to fix projects that were originally outsourced offshore. now as the end of the year approaches, they have deadlines to get the projects completed and touched up. both of them are way over budget and schedule. what happened to people contacting me to work on the latest and greatest stuff?

regardless, i'm just a piss ant, so only my mom would care if i left. but what if Kurt Cagle took his brain to Canada? anyway, the TS has me staying put. you should try convincing us to leave during the dead of winter :)