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DesktopWeb FormText   cutting teeth on VB.NETThu, 18 Nov 2004 02:48:19 GMT # 

yes, language wars are stupid ... but for some unknown reason i dont like VB. think it is from doing VBScript back in the ASP days? now i'm having to convert some VB6 code to VB.NET. seems like the wrong time to be adding VB.NET to my resume, especially after the announcement that VB.NET would get minimal refactoring support in VS 2005. actually seems like the right time for VB'ers to jump to C# since it now has edit-and-continue ... which C#'ers mostly dont care for. what is interesting is that i'm actually getting to test a theory. when recruiters call specifically for VB.NET, i've told them that i've done C# for years but could switch at a drop of a hat. of course they dont believe me (the distrust is mutual). regardless, here is my 1st day with VB.NET

[beginning of day]
ends up that the syntax change is as simple as expected. arcane VB6 syntax is slowing me down substantially moreso than the VB.NET syntax. the parts that are odd about VB.NET is declaring variables. for quick code in C# i'll write something like XmlDocument xd; so 'xd' is from the PascalCase of the Type, and it reads in a forward manner. in VB.NET, it wants the Instance name 1st ... Dim xd as XmlDocument. its like thinking forward, then going back, and then forwards again. that misstep is really bugging me because i am not trained to think that way. the other annoyance is muscle memory keeps typing a semicolon at the end of every line; cant stop it; also cannot stop myself from caring about case. as a language it is more verbose and it uses parentheses too much. finally, the IDE tries to be too smart. as i type, it keeps adding code or formatting that i do not want to be added. very annoying

[end of day]
got past most of the annoyances from this morning. e.g. no more semicolons. the IDE is still doing more than what i want it to, but i've figured out how to bypass some of its tricks. so now i'm able to use the language productively ... but there is still something about it that just doesn't feel/look right. hypothetically typing, if there ever was a 'language war' my dog tags would read KC#. slash-and-burn tactics would be in effect and encouraged