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DesktopWeb FormText   scholarly searchThu, 18 Nov 2004 16:20:58 GMT # 

saw a couple of links to a new beta (Stand on the shoulders of giants). its targeted at searching research publications. the searches i've tried so far have mainly returned links to PDF and PS files, as well as Books to be followed up by 'library searches'. it also has 'cited by' links to find out what research papers referred to it is a direct knock off of (Scientific Literature Digital Library). CiteSeer is an existing research focused search site that i've been using for the last couple months to search for AI related papers. google adds some additional functionality such as 'view as html', 'web searches' and 'library search'. if you go a level deeper on CiteSeer, it has a summary page for its entries giving more detail plus an abstract. it is worth noting that MS Research is a CiteSeer sponsor ...

on a somewhat related note ... have you ever checked out the Math / Science sections at bookstores? they are absolutely pitiful. Computers get about 5 stacks, and Math / Science is lucky to get 1. this sucks, because i rarely read Computer books anymore ... because its constantly the same crap. do i really need to know how to build a better DataGrid? and all the cuts that VS 2005 has taken ... its more like a point release than a new version. guess that its natural for an industry to slow down over time ... 'simulated annealing' if you will