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DesktopWeb FormText   Tablet falling outSat, 20 Nov 2004 15:13:19 GMT # 

another Tablet guy losing his way. looks like Peter is considering a 'cute little touch screen sub notebook' and a 'full featured Media Center notebook'

from my perspective, i would never buy anything that is described with the adjective 'cute'. sub notebooks are exactly that. if i carried a purse, then i would get one and that is here it would go. but i dont sit to pee, so that is out of the question. have tried to imagine a scenario in which a sub notebook would provide a better experience for anything that i do ... and i'm coming up empty. granted i've never used one ... so maybe i'm wrong? as far as the full featured Media Center notebook ... i do want one of those ... for no apparent reason? i dont watch TV, dont listen to music much, nor do i take a smack load of pictures. there is absolutely no reason for me to want one ... but i do ...