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DesktopWeb FormText   Spanish audio programsSat, 20 Nov 2004 23:14:38 GMT # 

i've listened to the 1st CD of 4 different programs. here is how i rank them from best to worst :

1) Pimsleur - the audio program works with repitition and slowly introducing more words. an English speaker will introduce the word, and then a man will say it in Spanish. each section usually centers around a conversation between a Spanish man and woman. it does a great job of making you recall words that you learned previously and the learning pace is almost perfect for me. after each lesson, i feel like i understood more than 90% of the content. there are 3 programs from beginner to advanced. each program has about 15 hours worth of content, along with a short reading program. the only negative is it is ridiculously expensive. dont know if its a scam, but you might check out
2) Michel Thomas - this is rather unique. you learn by listening to Michel Thomas teach a male and female student how to speak Spanish. so you get to hear what they do wrong ... so you dont make the same mistakes! Michel corrects them and makes them repeat it if they get it wrong. this style works really well. the program i've got has about 8 hours of content. the only problem is that the female student learns faster than me ... she must be cheating! the pace was a little too fast, so i only felt like i understood 75%. also, Michel is sometimes hard to understand
3) EspanaViva - this course has about 3 hours worth of content. it goes through some basic speech. there is a male and female narrator. you also get to listen to some recorded conversations with other speakers. it went too fast and i only understood about 66%
4) Learn Spanish In Your Car - so far this is just a vocabulary course. a girl will say a word in English and then a guy will say it in Spanish. it is monotonous and boring, nor does it ever make you recall previous words. there are 3 hours in total ... so hopefully it changes! maybe i should play the tapes while i'm sleeping and learn though osmosis? only undertood about 50%

out of those, i recommend the 1st two programs. Pimsleur is by far the best to listen to in your car because its recorded quality is really good. Michel Thomas is less clear and the pace is faster, so i would not use it while driving