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DesktopWeb FormText   in search of problemsSun, 21 Nov 2004 15:54:08 GMT # 

been reading about Genetic Algorithms (GA). understand the concepts and have started to come up with some article ideas. i've got a couple ideas half way thought out, that might be cool, and that should be feasible. my current view of GA is as a search algorithm. if there is a large problem space, then GA is a quick way to find an answer. also like how it has been applied to neural networks a handful of different ways

this has been tough with AI in general. understanding an AI technique itself is pretty simple. coming up with a cool problem for it to solve is much more difficult. my hope is that once i've got a good sampling of AI techniques in my tool belt, then i can just pick which technique to use depending on what problem i need to solve. the bad news though is that there seems to be a lack of companies trying to solve hard problems. there was a blog post yesterday about somebody being bored with working with data and web apps. agreed ... that is some boring crap. mobility makes stuff more interesting and has more chances to work in AI. games definitely have a need for AI. and robotics cannot happen without AI. so in closing ... web apps pretty much suck