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DesktopWeb FormText   language induced headachesSun, 21 Nov 2004 19:27:10 GMT # 

i'm relatively healthy and might get a cold (at worst) once a year. used to get a headache maybe once a year as well ... except they are now on the upswing. this has just happened the last couple weeks. believe it or not, it seems to be related to when i'm studying Spanish. i've had this theory for the last couple days and it seems to be holding true. guessing that my neural net is getting a new topology? the only other time there is a high probability of my getting a headache is the 1st day on a contract. when the client turns on the firehose and starts filling my brain with info about a new domain ... that sometimes sets one off. the good news is that the headaches seem to be getting less severe. hopefully, they go away entirely. wonder if they will come back if i attempt a 3rd language? just so long as they dont turn into this train wreck