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DesktopWeb FormText   small town libraryMon, 29 Nov 2004 04:51:29 GMT # 

got to spend this Thanksgiving at a really small town. entertained myself for a couple hours at the local library. this was interesting since i had not been in a library after discovering the internet. the good news is that they had a handful of public computers. there was no filtering software at all ... so i could even browse to my own site (my site is blocked by alot of filtering software ... oh well). the bad news is they did not have any sort of software installed to keep somebody from running spyware or key loggers; nor did they refresh the system after being used by somebody. they also had a good number of VHS and DVDs to checkout, along with music CDs and audio books. the really bad news was the selection of books. their science section consisted of about 35 books. they had no math or computer related books. on the other hand, they had over 100 religious related books. yes ... this was a red state