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DesktopWeb FormText   Hooters .NET blogger dinner (Milwaukee area)Wed, 01 Dec 2004 02:02:09 GMT # 

this is announcing the 1st blogger dinner for the Milwaukee, WI area. and its really going to be more like a party! i'm talking wings, beer, girls in skimpy clothing, and a bunch of smart people talking about .NET and blogging. serious ... last year was Hooters 20th anniversary. you could get a 'passport', and if you visited 20 different Hooters restaurants to get your passport stamped within that year, then you earned a wing party. needless to say ... i completed it easily ... and now i need to have a party! the wings are free, we just have to pay for the beer

it is going to be Teusday Dec. 7th from 6 to 8 PM at the Hooters in Greenfield, WI. you need to email if you can attend. there is a max head count so i can only claim so many in my party. if there is too many people that want to attend, then you can still show up, i just cant get you the free wings. and bring your camera phones :) aside, Hooters spams me periodically ... and its the only spam that i recommend. especially from speaking of that ... i always flinch a little when typing in ... but it does point to the restaurants site, and not pr0n as one might expect