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DesktopWeb FormText   presented CF at HarvardWed, 15 Dec 2004 03:47:18 GMT # 

its a shock to me as well. it happened like this : [flashback] last year, Software Legend (the URL doesnt work anymore!) David Platt posted to the WSE newsgroup looking for CF WSE bits, so he could create an incredibly difficult homework assignment for his Harvard .NET class. [what other blog is going to move from Hooters .NET to Harvard .NET?] he asked that question about a day after i had finished the CF WSE implementation, so i responded. anyway i got an invite to present at his class ... and it was a lot of fun. [flashforward] somehow, i even got invited back this year. and it was equally as much fun. as David had warned me, they are one of the most technical groups I have ever presented to. that makes things interesting, because you can assume ALOT of background knowledge on their part. definitely a high quality experience. here are some pics

now for the inbreeding. a former Platt student (or TA?) is going to work for the Tablet group. while we're eating i get a call from somebody on the Tablet team. i come back to the table and ask her to guess who called ... and she guesses correctly. spooky. also, at that dinner table is the TA for the class Jason Haley, who happens to write one of the better blogs that i read. too cool