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DesktopWeb FormText   last flight of the TabletWed, 15 Dec 2004 04:17:50 GMT # 

my Tablet might be dead ...? was happily minding my own business and teaching myself Spanish on the plane. and them some Scoble scene breaks out. the girl seated across from me asks "what's that?". so i give a little demo and let her write on it and such. then the person seated in front of her turns around and starts checking it out too. finally i get it back ... and then the stewardess wants a demo. i agree ... pending i got an extra cookie. with that over, i go back to Espanol. then i randomly get some idea for something to code in .NET and fire open Journal to ink some UML. go to save ... and nothing. total lockdown. wait 5 minutes ... nothing. while waiting, i make sure the Tablet is nowhere near my genitals so that it cannot damage my fertility :) that just wouldn't be fitting with a last name like chesnut. finally, i power down the machine, and bring it back up ... to this :

STOP: C0000218 Unknown Hard Error
Unknown Hard Error
Beginning dump of physical memory

... that dump of physical memory never ends. been screwing with BIOS and such and haven't gotten any further. i'll have to retrieve the docking station from my parents before i can be sure if it can be salvaged. at least it made it 1.5 years, which says alot, because i'm not exactly easy on mobile devices ... or anything for that matter. this is a very sad day in casey-land