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DesktopWeb FormText   hate recruiter yearThu, 16 Dec 2004 23:30:21 GMT # 

another holiday i will not be recognizing ... Be Nice to a Recruiter Month, when the rest of the time is about Shafting the Programmer

so what would it take for me to be nice to a recruiter?
1) tell me your profit margin.
2) let me see the contract you sign with the company.
3) dont falsely sign me up for a 6 month contract, and then you end up renewing after 3.
4) when you tell me you will submit my resume ... do it.
5) when you take me out to lunch on my money ... make it steak.

... i could go on. if you want my respect ... you have to earn it. but my personal experience with recruiters has caused nothing but loathing. my personal goal is to get enough name recognition that people will contact me for work directly, and the recruiter is cut out of the picture. i can make more, and the company pays less. win win. granted ... i don't seem to be even close to making that come true :(