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DesktopWeb FormText   pussy cloningFri, 24 Dec 2004 18:34:36 GMT # 

all i know is that a cat was cloned for 50K for somebody in TX, and now that company is setting up in Madison, WI. 1st, i think its appropriate that it was for somebody in Bush's state. 2nd, i'm glad their coming to my current state of WI. 3rd, for 50K, that better be one special cat. because cats are FREE from animal shelters. before you know it we will have to get our cats spayed / neutered / and some term to represent a process that will keep a cat from being cloned. 4th, i'm really surprised a dog wasn't cloned before a cat. 5th human cloning is inevitable. based on the top googles searches of last year, we will soon have a cloned society made up of blondes.

which of these happens 1st (if at all)?
a) cloning a human
b) stopping the aging process
c) robot AI killing a human

my bet is they all happen, in that order. and all of them happen before i kick it